Our Preventive and Wellness services include:

Complete physical exams for all ages from newborns to geriatrics

Gynecological care / Women's Health 

Screening and Management of chronic diseases such as High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes 

Diagnostic testing 

Immunizations including preservative free Flu Shots

Treatment for depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and bipolar disorder

Dermatology, including acne 

Integrative medicine 

Additional Services

Minor surgeries such as wart or mole removal 

Minor emergency care such as lacerations and IV fluids

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy 

Diet Counseling and medications 
A Family Physician can provide many of the same services
provided by another specialist.
While we are capable of providing many of the services and
administering the treatments commonly associated with various specialists (OB/GYN's, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists, or Dermatologists, etc.), we also understand that under certain situations another specialist is needed and know that the point at which another specialist is required will vary from person to person.
At Coppell Associates in Family Medicine, PA, we can provide a wide range of services, but if the situation arises where the services of another specialist are warranted, we will not hesitate to help you obtain those services.  We will work with you to help you understand your options and help
you to make an informed decision based on your needs and desires.

Our services

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PCMH Level 3 

Welcome to the Coppell Associates in Family Medicine, PA. We specialize in comprehensive medical care and are dedicated to promoting your good health through preventative medicine and wellness counseling. 

We now have a Patient Portal where you can communicate with our practice regarding scheduling and lab results. Please visit our Patient Portal tab under Contact Us.  We do request all your previous Provider and Hospital documents, immunization and vaccination records, and medications be provided on your next visit to our staff.  

Coppell Associates in Family Medicine, PA want to provide outstanding care for our patients.  Please contact us during or after hours before visiting an Urgent Care or ER facility. Our goal is to reduce your healthcare costs and provide healthcare services for you and your family.  In many cases we can accommodate your schedule with same-day appointments!